Tree of Life Potters

Asheville,  NC 
United States
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  • Summer's Peak Platter
    A beautiful array of Appalachian plants harvested in the high summer, with Queen anne's lace, lavender, comfrey, fig, christmas fern, and Bali fern....

  • This platter comes with hand enscribed signatures on the back and a handy hanging option so that it is easily decorative and functional, last piece in my inventory with special ferns collected from the sacred land of Bali, Indonesia.
  • Purple Raspberry Masterpiece Mandala Plate
    A stunning mandala plate honoring the circular flowing energy of life and the forest with Purple flowering raspberry leaves, Queen Anne's Lace, Christmas fern and Comfrey....

  • This plate was my favorite creation of 2020, truly. I usually have one or two pieces out of a few hundred that stand out as the platinum editions of the year. The plant images came out to full vivid capacity with this special mandala.
  • Maestro Milkweed Mandala
    A large circular spiral of Milkweed, Comfrey, and Queen Anne's Lace...

  • This piece is in the Tree of Life Potters master collection, it is approximately 20 inches in diameter and is delicately inlaid with pristine milkweed and Queen anne's lace from the peak of summer, and bordered with medicinal comfrey and tulip poplar twigs. These large pieces have sturdy hangers for the perfect center piece for your home mantle or a perfect serving plate for you favorite dinner party!
  • Various Plant Impression Mugs
    Exotic and unique functional plant art mugs...

  • Each mug is one of a kind with many different earth tone glazes of deep greens, blues, sandy desert tones and so much more. The perfect holiday gift! a lovely way to enjoy those chilly ponderous winter mornings!