Urban Wave Studio

Crownsville,  MD 
United States
  • Booth: 230

We create functional pottery that is either wheel thrown or slab built and the materials can be stoneware or porcelain. Detailed attention is given in every step of the creation process and we focus on simple elegant form/shape with one-of-a-kind surface decoration, using traditional Chinese brush painting, together with patterns, textures, layers of glazes, hand-painted images, and colors. Our hope is that through the daily use and viewing of our work, this will bring joy to our customers.


  • Handpainted Serving Platter
    Slab built stoneware...

  • Hand painted large serving platter with whimsical chrysanthemums and birds.
  • Hand Painted Sugar Bowl

  • Handpainted sugar bowl with painted birds, leaves, and berries
  • Glazed Landscape
    "Reminds me of a Cedar Forest"...

  • Glazed Landscape Mug with 5 to 7 Glazes