Art Nouveau Tiles

Moneta,  VA 
United States
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We have a collection of antique European Art Nouveau period tiles that are custom framed to enhance the beauty. Each tile is original and over 100 years old. The European tile companies had artists and designers on staff that designed them so each one is a small work of art executed on clay tile.

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  • English tile w/ scene of Dutch children
    Framed antique European Art Nouveau Tile...

  • Custom made Henry Richards tile, England circa 1920.  This tile was made slightly after the Art Nouveau period.  It has a Dutch design and great colors.  English tiles with a Dutch motif are quite rare.  This tile is shown on p 499 of Chris Blanchett’s definitive book 20th Century Decorative British Tiles.

  • Rustic Santa
    German style Santa painted on wood...

  • Hand painted rustic wood Santas.  The wood has been dried and heated to kill any insects that might have burrowed into the wood.
  • German tulip tile
    Framed antique European Art Nouveau tile...

  • Rare German stylized tulip tile circa 1905, simple yet elegant design.  Maker Norddeutsche Steingutfabrik (NStG), Bremen-Grohn, Germany.  The tile has great colors (especially the royal blue) and the glaze is extremely lustrous.  This tile is shown on page 142 of Michael Wiesser’s authoritative book “Jugendstilfliesen”.  Lack of mortar on back indicate that this tile was likely installed in a piece of antique furniture.