Blue Ridge Originals

Ashburn,  VA 
United States
  • Booth: 321

I design and create original laser-cut clocks in finished oak and walnut. Starting with raw sheets of wood, I rip the wood into panels and then sand, stain, and varnish the panels. I first sketch then design my clocks on a computer, using colors to program the laser to adjust the type and power of each cut. I clean the lasering residue, and then assemble the pieces into a finished clock. Much of my work is tedious, but my joy is in seeing a finished clock come to life from raw wood and a vision.


  • Mountain Clock
    Lasered Mountain Clock in Finished Walnut....

  • This is an original design I make in our basement workshop in Ashburn Virginia. The Mountain Clock is available in several sizes, from 8" to 18", in either finished oak or walnut. The clock uses a silent sweep movement and runs on a single double-A battery. 
  • Corinthian Pendulum Clock
    Pendulum Clock in finished Oak and Black...

  • The Corinthian Pendulum Clock is a completely original wall clock created in an Art Deco theme. I start with unfinished oak panels and an idea that I slowly and meticulously work into a finished design on my computer. I send the completed design to the laser to cut and etch each piece. I then clean, smooth, glue, and assemble the pieces in an inverse jig to produce the finished clock. The Corinthian Pendulum Clock uses a single double-A battery and is available in four sizes in both finished oak or walnut. The plaque on the bottom is velcroed on, with several options to choose from.
  • Arch Pendulum Clock
    The arch Pendulum Clock is an original design in finished walnut....

  • Crafted from finished walnut and black painted wood, this clock was meticulously designed with over 40 lasered pieces, and layered together to produce one of my most original clocks ever. The pendulum and sides have a mission-style motife, while the rest of the clock feels sleek, modern, and very unique. This is a mantel clock and runs on a single double-A battery, which lasts 9-12 months. This clock is available in finished oak or walnut, in two sizes each. 
  • Square Tree Clock
    Tree Clock in finished Walnut...

  • The Square Tree Clock is an original design crafted in finished oak or walnut. The clock uses a black background against the finished hardwood to give the clock depth and dimension. The numbers are lasered through completely to provide clarity and precision. The Square Tree Clock is available is several sizes, from 8" to 18". The Square Tree Clock uses a silent sweep movement; a single double-A battery will last about a year.