Not-Wolf- Productions

Round Hill,  VA 
United States
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I started drawing in college while pursuing my doctorate in theoretical nuclear physics. It’s been a lifelong hobby, and now a concentrated passion to record and manipulate my mind’s wanderings. My work is a collection of extremely detailed, whimsical, hand drawn B&W pen & ink drawings and prints. Smaller drawings/symbols/physics equations (from my own PhD dissertation in physics) are often embedded to provide a unique texture. Subjects range from natural to mechanical to sci-fi.


  • "The Clock"
    Giclee print, mat included, available 22x28 (antique), 16x20 (antique), 12x16 (antique and B&W), & 8x10 (B&W)....

  • The Clock is the first picture I did using a rapidograph, moving up from pencil and dip pens.

    This was back in my freshman year, and, if you can believe it, the labs at Case Western still had some beautifully made equipment from the late 19th century providing lots of the mechanical gadgets to inspire the objects in the picture.

  • "Entropy 2"
    Giclee print, mat included, available 22x28, 16x20, 12x16, & 8x10. Inquire about original art....

  • 39 years after drawing Entropy, I decided to do it again. I've always loved willow trees blowing in the wind, and that was enough to get started. If you look in the lower right, you can see a little bit of the original Entropy embedded in the new Entropy.

    A visitor at one of our shows looked at it for a while and said 'What's down the hole on the lower left?' Hmmmm...

  • "Three Guitars"
    Giclee print, mat included, available 16x20, 12x16, & 8x10. Inquire about original art....

  •  believe it was Jethro Tull who said "you're never too old to rock and roll if you're too young to die."

    I did a lot of this while on a cruise to the Bahamas, which inspired the aquatic scene in the right guitar. The spaghetti and meatballs it's packed with were not cruise related.

    If you look closely, you will notice that the guitars' bodies are fire, ice, and water (red, white, and blue). Who says I can't do color!

  • "Sailing Eternity"
    Giclee print, mat included, available 22x28, 16x20, 12x16, & 8x10. Inquire about original art....

  • I wanted to combine some of the elements of sci-fi with a more conventional sailboat/water scenery picture in this drawing. Unlike most of my other drawings where the equations are gibberish, in this case, the equations are from my PhD dissertation. Interestingly, I wrote them out using a rapidograph in that as well back in '76.

  • "The Physics Alphabet Book"
    Hardcover 'coffee table' art book...

  • This hard cover fine art book is all about physics. Each drawing has its own corresponding physics term along with an explanation from 'A is for Accretion Disk' to 'Z is for Zero-Point Energy'. Over 3 years in the making, it's exactly what you would expect from a theoretical nuclear physicist turned artist.