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We've been designing jewelry for over 30 years. Our pieces are fabricated or carved then cast in 14k gold. I've been cutting stones for over 20 years and most of our gemstones are custom cut using one of a kind cutting diagrams to insure that our customers will never see a stone exactly like it. Each designs comes with a signed copy of the diagram along with the origin of the gem rough. We are very proud that every step from the design ,casting ,stone cutting and finish work is done by us.


stone cutting 2022


  • Custom cut Peridot pendant
    custom cut Pakistan Peridot set in a 14k yellow gold Pendant...

  •  Pakistan produces some of the finest quality Peridot in the world. Over the years the supply of  top quality rough has been increasingly difficult to find.   We were very fortunate to have 2 pieces of this intense green rough that i have been saving. It has a beautiful flouresencent green color that almost looks wet when polished. The cutting diagram i chose is very unusual and one of my most difficult cuts. It has 13 angles on the pavilion(which is the bottom) and 17 angles on the Top (crown).  Most commercial cut stones only have 2 angles.  The stone finished at 2.90ct.  
  • 14k Freestyle Cross
    Carved then cast in 14k yellow Gold Freestyle Cross...

  • Our Freestyle cross Pendant was created to have the ability to be a religious statement or just an interesting freestyle design. With smooth clean lines it picks up light from any angle. Hand carved then cast in 14k Yellow gold . 
  • Blue Sapphire Pendant
    Custom cut Blue Sapphire set in Carved 14k Yellow Gold Pendant...

  • The material i used for this cut is called hydrothermal corundum and is created by growing a crystal from a small seed. It takes several months to get even a small piece of rough but it's worth the wait because it produces the best color. The diagram i chose for this material is very unique because it actually has five tables. The finished stone color is intense deep Royal Blue and is set in a carved 14k yellow gold mount that fits the stone perfectly.  
  • Madeira Citrine Pendant
    Custom cut Madeira Citrine Pendant set in 14k Yellow Gold....

  • This material came from Brazil. This is my favorite citrine and the color reminds me of root beer. The cut is called a Trinity cut and is Brilliant from every angle .