Rory Solan Designs

Wappingers Falls,  NY 
United States
  • Booth: 606

As I work in my studio I can’t help but think of childhood memories of vacations on the shore. I would carefully select shells, punch holes in them & string them in designs. By summer’s end I had a wardrobe of necklaces & bracelets. I bring those memories to my designs using precious, semi precious stones, pearls & shell, in gold, silver, bronze, copper & brass. My collection also captures a chic metropolitan aesthetic & is why I describe my collection as CLASSIC ELEGANCE IN CONTEMPORARY DESIGN.


  • The Knot Necklace
    Crystal Pearl Knot Necklace in the Silver and White option with silver Dragon Fly clasp...

  • My Signature Design
    This design has become iconic to my brand. The Knot is an award winning design and I am able to offer it in several color options. Finished with a Dragonfly clasp in either gold or silver, which seems to speak to every woman.
  • Lapis Lazuli Leaf Necklace
    Lapis leaves with 14k Gold beads, 14k gold filled adjustable chain and clasp,...

  • Lapis leaves of exquisite beauty and quality fall gently around the neck, surrounded by 14k gold beads. The adjustable gold filled chain and clasp affords the wearer choices for many outfits and looks. To be worn casually or formally. Lapis from Afghanistan.