Bobbie's Barn

Broadway,  VA 
United States
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My art is repurposing 'found objects' into one-of-a-kind lamps. I use all new electrical parts. The ‘bases’ are rustic, retro, elegant, vintage, industrial or whimsical objects. Attention to detail, such as painting the new sockets (and other shiny bits) so that they ‘blend’ with the base is my trademark. Vintage lightbulbs are included. I also enjoy custom work–turning a family heirloom or a favorite item into a decorative and useful lamp. 445 characters


    Rustic axe embedded in wood block....

  • Rustic axe repurposed into an interesting accent lamp. It is embedded in 110-year-old wood (locally reclaimed here in the Shenandoah Valley), has a cloth-covered twisted cord and comes with a vintage light bulb.
  • DRIP... DRIP... DRIP...
    Upcycled old faucet...

  • The ultimate in recycling! An old faucet is now an unusual accent lamp and a unique conversation piece. It comes with cloth-covered twisted cord and 'drip' bulb.
    Bronze and sterling silver trophy...

  • Antique trophy by Otto Heintz (1875-1918), bronze with sterling silver inlay. Heintz invented and patented a secret method of attaching decorative sterling silver overlay to bronze without the use of messy solder. The silver overlay is decidedly Arts & Crafts in the handcraftsmanshipit required. The trophy is on a base of 100-year-old reclaimed wood from the Shenandoah Valley. The lamp has cloth-covered twisted cord and a vintage bulb.

    Repurposed vintage school books...

  • Disclaimer: No rare books were harmed in the making of this lamp! Fantastic accent lamp in any setting, complete with cloth-covered twisted cord and vintage-style bulb.
  • SMILE!
    Antique folding camera...

  • Antique folding camera (c. 1920) with anastigmat lens. This interesting camera features a 'flash' bulb and cloth-covered twisted cord.