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I am a Fine Artist that produces 3 dimensional Montages/Assemblages: I create resin and glass 3 dimensional montages/assemblages, which are glass/resin/flowers/sand/shells…etc… fused with the resin on glass window&picture frames. The themes I create are EarthScapes, Floralscapes and SeaScapes. I also sculpt and cast various sporting fish and sporting birds in clay and mold into plaster forms which I then paint and fuse on glass panes or barnboards with resin.


Pirate and the Monster

 Show Specials

  • Special:  The Lighthouse Hummingbird Feeders which are a regular 35 dollars each will be 25 dollars each for this show.

    Special:  The Christmas Hanging ordiments that are only marked 18 dollars are: One for 18 dollars, Two for 30 dollars, Three for 45 dollars.


  • LightHouse Hummingbird Feeders
    These wine bottles are wrapped in copper wire and have an all new designed hummingbird feeder spout that is guaranteed....

  • These hummingbird feeders are 12 inches tall and are lighthouses inverted.
  • kayake
    Stones, glass and kayake...

  • resin kayake with broken glass and stones on a river whitewatering
  • Pirate and the Monster
    A poured resin monster fused with a pirate vintage ship...

  • This is a story board of how the Pirates saw thier ending fighting off a huge sea creature.
  • Hand carved Sea Turtle
    Hand carved Sea Turtle and casted in place with resin and seaglass added...

  • I carve in clay these sea turtles and create a rubber mold to pour my white casting compound.  After drying, I hand paint them and fuse them on glass with resin, stones and seaglass.