Art By Alexandra

Fairfax,  VA 
United States
  • Booth: 723

I started painting a long time ago, then I discovered glass flamework. Melting glass is challenging but with practice, and better understanding of "cause and effect", amazing results can be achieved. For example a very realistic, 3-dimensional flower may be created using the implosion technique. the use of twisted color glass will add variegation and beauty to


  • Flower Pendant
    This glass pendant features an imploded flower. This flamework technique allows the creation of a 3-dimensional design....

  • This design has been inspired by Tiffany's art work. Wearable art, it is a miniaturized version of a stained glass panel with colorful flowers.
  • Bracelet with small glass elements
    This bracelet features miniature flower implosions....

  • Bracelets featuring glass cabochons are challenging to make: All elements have to be the same size, and are made without mold, just "free-handed" over a flame. All elements are also annealed in a kiln to ensure durability. The glass I use is borosilicate.