J. Miller Designs

Bridgewater,  NJ 
United States
  • Booth: 429

I am a metal artist, I work primarily with Vintage Silverware, Trays, old Copper Cups, Vintage Teapots and other Vintage Metal items. I cut, grind, drill, bend, solder or weld them into Bracelets, Rings, Pens, Crosses, Teapot Lamps, Pendants, small metal Sculptures and a plethora of other items. To imagine who in the past used this Vintage Silverware in their homes makes me happy to be able to give it new life through my creative process, it becomes Wearable History, this is my "Art to Wear!


  • Silver Necklace
    This piece was hand sawn from a silver tray. It measures 2 1/4 inches at the widest point and is 2 inches tall. It hangs on an 18 inch Stainless Steel Box Chain. A beautiful Statement Piece....

  • I am intrigued by all Vintage Flatware, tea and coffee pots and trays. The trays I find that our grandparents used on a daily basis are so beautiful. This piece came from a hand wrought hammered tray sometime between 1930 and 1950.. turning these into pieces of jewelry are preserving them into wearable history.
  • Vintage Fork Bracelets
    Four Vintage Dinner Forks, Jubilee-1953. Interlude-1973. Daffodil-1950. Carnation-1908. All used to create Fork Bracelets....

  • I take Vintage dinner forks, cut them in half then take the fork end and curl the tines, I then bend both pieces into a U shape, tumble and shine them. I then assemble them using jump rings, a magnet and safety chain. Looks beautiful on any wrist and a conversation piece for sure.
  • Reed and Barton Antique Coffee Pot Lamp
    This Coffee Pot was introduced in 1873, it was the Neo Greek Style with the Boat Thumb Piece Hinged Lid and Lion Finial....

  • I love making Lamps from Vintage Tea and Coffee Pots. No one uses them anymore, I'd rather make Lamps so we can light our homes with these beautiful pieces. I drill them add the lamp works then wire them to create my "Art to Home."