Jonathan's Spoons

Kempton,  PA 
United States
  • Booth: 125

Something as simple as a wooden spoon can become one of the most interesting items in your kitchen. My handcrafted utensils are made from wild cherry wood, giving the spoons a warm, rustic look. Whether you need a slotted spoon for cooking or a unique pair of salad tongs that look elegant at the dinner table, you’ll love the unique designs available from Jonathan’s Spoons.


  • Inside Out® Tongs
    Serving tongs made of Wild Cherry Wood...

  • Our patented tongs are the perfect addition to every kitchen. We use them for serving salads & pasta, and we cook with our tongs as well. Fold them Inside Out and they lay completely flat, behaving nicely in your drawer.
  • Flame Blackened spoons
    Hand made cherry wood utensils, flame blackened....

  • Our flame blackened utensils look stunning in the kitchen. 
  • Ladles
    Serving ladles of plenty...

  • Soup season is not complete without your favorite ladle. Come and visit us to find your new favorite! We have small, medium and large ladles, ladles with holes, with spouts, and ladles that rest on the side of your pot. All made here in Pennsylvania.
  • Baking Spoons
    Wild cherry wooden spoons...

  • We provide our customers with the finest wooden spoons for baking and cooking. Jonathan’s Spoons is consistently ready to serve you the tools for your life and that special gift that is easy to send. 
  • Salad Server
    Hand made cherry wood salad serving sets...

  • Our salad sets are an extension of your hands, connecting you with your food and family during meals. 

    Jonathan’s Spoons are all about connection.  We are seen all over the country and connect back with your home. The delight we carve into each spoon connects your gift with the love you want to express.