Larry Morgan Woodturner

Brick,  NJ 
United States
  • Booth: 505

My work makes use of many materials to created the products that I make. I use, in addition to wood from around the world, bone, stone, .acrylic. deer antler as well as blanks created with stamps, labels and pieces of wood all cast in colored resin. I use these materials to fashion my designer pens, Pepper grinders and shaving sets.


  • Gingerbread Man Holiday Pen
    Laser cut dyed wood hand inlayed to form the image...

  • Ballpoint pen with two gingerbread men images with can't cane images
  • Botanical pen
    Ball point pen with flowers...

  • Dried and pressed flowers are adhesred to a painted pen tube and cast in alumilite resin
  • Spalted maple pepper mill
    Pepper mill 8 inches tall...

  • Spalted maple pepper grinder stabilized with tesin

    approximately 8 inches

  • Bunny pen
    Inlay ballpoint pen...

  • Whimsical bunny on a ballpoint pen. Bunn is inlaid with dyed wood
  • Skull pens
    Inlay ball point pen...

  • Ball point pen adorned with 20 laser cut skull inlays