Left Behind Photography by Kyle Wilson

Selma,  NC 
United States
  • Booth: 605

I try to capture the beauty in everyday objects, the simplicity of rarely viewed scenes that are abandoned, Left Behind, lost, and often forgotten. I focus on HDR photography of Rural Americana and everything Left Behind. High Dynamic Range Photography is an evolving form of art that enables me to capture and display the full range of light that can be realized by the human eye. To me art is a representation of the world we experience and all forms of photography fall within this sphere.


  • Archived
    Photo from an abandoned public library in Memphis, TN...

  • Photo on metal (20x30).
  • A Moment Forever
    An old gas station/general store in rural Florida...

  • Photo on metal (24x36)
  • The Day That Never Comes
    Staircase of an abandoned farmhouse in rural NC....

  • photo on metal (24x36)
  • A Magic Place
    Interior of an abandoned library in Memphis, TN...

  • Photo on metal (16x24)
  • Ford Tough
    Classic Ford pickup truck found in rural NC....

  • photo on metal (16x24)