Classics by Cindy

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Classics by Cindy brings you a handcrafted line of leather jewelry for women and men. Here you will find one of a kind unique designs you will absolutely LOVE. All bracelets are designed with high quality leather and feature a magnetic clasp. Stop by for the Design Your Own section where you can customize your own bracelet. This is a make and take, not an order ship. It does not cost more to make your own. Prices range from $15 to $48.


  • Women's Leather Bangle Bracelets
    A selection of gorgeous bold leather bangle bracelets featuring a magnetic clasp. If you don't see one you like, you can always design your own at the show. I will help you design it and it will be custom fit to your comfort....

  • If you like unique jewelry that has a presence, leather bangles are something to consider.  I stack mine with a sterling silver bangle. Consider adding a beaded bracelet to create your own unique style. 
  • Flat Leather Bracelets with Magnetic Clasp
    Large selection of unique leather bracelets featuring 1/2" wide flat leather as the base. Each piece is then designed with either a single bead or a variety of beads to create a custom look....

  • At the show you can even design your own if you don't see something you like.  This is great for folks that have either a larger or smaller than avereage wrist.  I will help you design the piece and then it will be custom fit to your comfort. There is no upcharge for custom work. 
  • Leather Multi-Strand Cuff Bracelets
    Go BOLD with a leather cuff! Two, three, four, five or even six strands of leather are used to create a unique cuff bracelet. Each strand is a different color or design of leather create a one of a kind piece....

  • These cuff bracelets are so much fun!  If you don't see one you like, I will work with you to design a fabulous piece unique to you.  This is all done on site at the show and you will take it home with you.  This is not an order ship.
  • Stackable Leather Bracelets
    These gems are just 1/4" wide and perfect for stacking, wearing with your watch or fit bit, or keeping it simple and wearing it alone. Great gift idea for younger girls or those who don't wear much jewelry....

  • Keep it simple with a single strand bracelet featuring the 1/4" wide leather.  This is the size of leather I carry the largest variety in.  Every color imaginable, plus metallics and fun patterns.  You are sure to find something you love.  This is the size leather I use to create the cuff bracelets. 
  • Men's Leather Bracelets with Magnetic Clasp
    We can't forget our guys! My For The Guy designs are always a hit! Just make sure you have the measurement of your guy's wrist. That way you're sure to get the right size for him....

  • So many men are wearing jewelry and leather is the perfect medium For The Guy!  From Italian Braided Leather to Python and everything in between, you are sure to find something unique for him.