Shades of Nature

Millville,  PA 
United States
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Hi! I'm Lin, a fiber artist creating hand felted wool artwork and specializing in plant dyeing. My studio is in an old farmhouse in rural PA. The farm provides plants for natural dyes plus some of my fiber needs from five alpacas! My signature style is wet felted wool artwork in the form of tiles and panels that I frame in wood. These art pieces range in size from small six inch tiles to three foot wide pieces and larger triptychs.


  • World Tree
    Hand felted wool art panel in a wood frame...

  • The energetic swirling wool colors in this piece draw the viewer in. The framed felted artwork is 33" long and 24" high so it will make a dramatic statement in any room.
  • Shades of Summer
    Dyed wool fiber felted entirely by hand using several felting techniques including the wet method....

  • Inspired by my front garden tucked between the porch and the picket fence. It's blooms attract hummingbirds and butterflies. I've preserved a garden memory in wool to enjoy year round. The original artwork is 24" square framed in wood.
  • Wonderland Breeze
    My most popular motif created with hand felted dyed wool....

  • This vibrant rainbow garden speaks to people on many levels. It's bright blooms are sure to add cheer to any room.
  • Garden Impressions
    A stylized garden view bursting with blooms, created with hand felted wool fiber....

  • Meandering dense rows of flowers are the hallmark of the Garden Impressions series. Hand felted with dyed wool fiber and framed in wood. It works equally well in black, white or burgundy frames so you can coordinate with your decor.
  • Summer Garden
    The peak moment of my garden captured in hand felted wool....

  • The majestic time when everything is blooming from the bee balm to the giant sunflowers. This felted artwork keeps that moment alive to enjooy long after the flowers have faded. This 39" wide by 19" high original art is in a burgundy wood frame.