C.I.N. Scarves Slides

W. Peterborugh,  NH 
United States
  • Booth: 120


  • Scarf and Scarf Wrap
    We use vintage pieces of Jewelry to create our Scarf Wrap. No pins or knots. Wraps around scarf. We also make all of our scarves....

  • Scarf is 72 inches long.  We use repurposed items to create each Scarf Wrap.  They stretch and wrap around your scarf.
  • Scarf Button
    Our Scarf button clips onto your scarf to easily keep it in place. Multiple uses for this button....

  • Our Scarf Buttons have clips on the back and hold your scarf closed. 
  • Scarf Chain
    Scarf Chain is a throw back to the 50's & 60's! This works great on both scarves and shawls!!...

  • Our Scarf Chains are made from repurposed jewelry and chains.  The clips we use are very strong and have a rubber edge to protect fabric.