Kim Roluti Art

Winchester,  VA 
United States
  • Booth: 424

I am a self-taught artist living in Winchester, Virginia. I enjoy experimenting with new mediums and different styles all the time. I think that as we grow our interests are constantly changing. I'm currently working in Acrylic and Oil paint, doing Collage Mixed Media paintings. I utilize and incorporate different art papers and found objects into my work. My main subjects are cats, local wildlife and fantasy images of women.


  • Woodland Nymph
    24" x 30" Traditional Canvas
    Framed in 2.5" Black and Gold Italian Moulding...

  • Woodland Nymph is one of my Collage Mixed Media Figurative paintings. She was inspired by my love of nature and desire for empowering women. The entire background is done mainly with various art papers while she and the fox are painted in oil. There is a mix of stencil and glazing detail that enhances the color and patterns of the papers. She is completely original artwork and part of my Fantasy Series. 
  • Guardian of the Woods
    14" x 18" Traditional Canvas
    Framed in a Rustic Redwood Tinted Wood Moulding...

  • Guardian of the Woods is part of my Woodland Fantasy Series. She lives in the woods and watches over the animals, protecting and guiding them to safety. Her  companion is a little Owl. The background is mainly Collage work using various art papers and enhanced with acrylic paints. She and the owl are painted in oil. 
  • Fox with Moon
    11" x 14" on Wooden Canvas Panel
    The image is extended around the side of the Panel and doesn't require a Frame....

  • Fox and Moon is a Collage Mixed Media painting. The majority of the background is done with various art papers and enhanced with pen and ink and glazing techniques in Acrylic. The Fox is painted in Oil. This was a fun piece to do as I imagine this little guy watching the shooting stars and being guided through the woods by the light of the full moon.
  • Timber Wolf
    14" x 18" Traditional Canvas
    Framed in Black Rustic Wood Frame...

  • Timber Wolf is another Woodland Series Painting. This piece is mainly painted in oil with some Collage art papers in the background. I can almost feel his excitement with the fresh snow. 
  • On the Prowl
    12" x 12" Wooden Canvas Panel
    The image extends around the sides and does not need a Frame....

  • On the Prowl is a Collage Mixed Media painting. Mainly done with Collage mixing various art papers together to create the scenery. It has a little bit of an Asian appearance because of the papers I chose. The cat is painted in oil to give a softer look and feel for the texture of it's fur. I envisioned this cat hunting and doing what cats do best.