Pebble Portraits

United States
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Classy clean art created with natural unaltered pebbles, driftwood and beachglass. Creations are arranged to represent a special moment or event. Framed in a classy black, white or gray . Simple yet speaks volumes! Custom orders available !


  • Pebble Portrait Bride and Groom
    Beautiful pebble portrait to represent that special day . Unaltered pebbles, shale shell and driftwood , framed in a classy clean frame. Nice accent for any decor....

  • Bride and  Groom created of natural pebbles and shale shell , framed in a classy clean black frame . 
  • For the love of plants
    Creation of plants created with found pottery pieces and beachglass . Each is unique and represents the love for greenery ....

  • Hanging plants created with found pottery and beachglsss. 
  • Happy Birds
    Beautiful pebble tree of life with happy beachglass birds. Natural unaltered pebbles, found beachglass arranged to represent the beauty and love of nature....

  • Beautiful tree of life created with natural pebbles and beachglass . The love of nature and the happiness of birds. 
  • Love you forever , love you for always
    Natural found unaltered pebbles arranged to represent the love between a mother and a child . Framed in a classy shite frame. Perfect for a nursery ....

  • Natural unaltered pebbles arranged to represent the love between mother and child. Framed in a classy frame . 
  • Day on the water
    The perfect addition for an adventure seeker . Two kayakers created out of natural found pebbles . Framed in a classy clean frame....

  • Great addition to any decor. Natural unaltered penbles used to create two kayakers . Classy clean piece of art, fits any decor.