Personal Etchings

Mount Joy,  PA 
United States
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All my creations are hand carved 3D images in clear glass like acrylic. I carve very deeply into the back of the acrylic so when you look at the it from the front it appears life-like and 3D. NO patterns are ever used in my creation process so each design is a one of a kind and unique. I also do 2D etchings from pictures. I have been creating my designs for 37 years and I now am the last fulltime artist in the country in this medium. I enjoy creating designs can be custom made and personalized.



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  • Santa and reindeer
    Hand carved in 3D Santa flying with his reindeer on a full moon snowy night, atop houses. Comes on a color changing light. Perfect decoration for the holidays....

  • This is a 5 x 7 inch oval on a black based LED light that changes colors OR you can set it to one color. The base is either battery operated or USB plug in.

    I have carved on the front and back of this design to make ot etra 3D.

  • Willow Tree
    A really 3Dimensional tree that I carve on the front back and in the middle . Life-like appearance. I color to make it extra special. Again lighted with an LED base....

  • This is a 6.75 inch circle of clear glass like acrylic. I have hand carved in depth on the front, back and center of the piece to create a very third dimentional in appearance. The trees are my signature designs.
  • Dog breed night lights
    I do 2D etchings of all dog breeds from my standards of the breed. I have created the trophies for the AKC and many other dog clubs. Of course you can order with your dog's photo also....

  • This is a sample of my dog breed 2D etching. It is on a 3 x 3.5 inch rectangle of clear glass like acrylic. I attach my design to a 3.5 inch round black battery operated or USB plug in LED light. The light cn roate through 7 colors or you can set it to stay on one of the 7 colors.

    Add a name to make this an extra special gift.

  • Bouquet of flowers
    Ahh this design is very deeply carved into the clear glass like acrylic. I almost come through to the front to make these flowers real looking....

  • This is a 5x7 oval that I hand carve dhte life like looking flowers into. I add my specially developed dyes to make these flowers real looking. I put them on a 3.5 in ch LED base which really enhances the fine detail.
  • palm tree
    Another tree that is very deeply carved int o the clear glass like acrylic. Looks like I put a plam tree inside but I really hand carved it out, then colored it....

  • 3D hand carved palm trees scene. Colored and on top of an LED lighted base.