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I was born in Peru and make my home in the USA since 2004. I always come with an idea of what I want to paint after a dream, or a walk or watching a sunset. I use acrylic paint but I don’t conform my art to one medium, I use other elements to give texture to my paintings like, coffee, sand, gesso, gels. I had been always captivated by the natural world and animals, caring about environmental destruction which I also use as principal themes in my paintings.

 Show Specials

  • (Sep 14, 2021)
    My painting prices are with 25% discount from the prices shown in my Website


  • Rainbow Mountains
    Acrylic painting done with texture on 20"H x 24"W stretched canvas. It comes with a 5" golden frame as shown in the picture....

  • Vinicunca  or Rainbow Mountain was discovered in Cuzco, Peru 8 years ago when the eternal snow covering it melted, revealing the natural beauty of the rock beneath formed by environmental conditions and sedimentary deposits over time, that created a marbling effect, with layered hues of gold, lavender, red and turquoise towering into the sky.

    Hikers wanting to trek up the mountain are looking at a round trip of around five miles from the bus drop-off. Visitors should be prepared to climb to high altitudes — Vinicunca stands more than 16,000 feet above sea level. The majority of the path isn’t too challenging, although the final part of the hike is a more difficult, steeper incline.

    This painting is with 25%a special  discount for the Arts and Craft show.

  • Aspen Trees Twilight
    Acrylic Painting with impasto and fluid art technique done on stretched canvas of 24"H x 30"wide x2"D, it comes with a natural wood floater frame....

  • Aspis, the Aspen’s Greek name means shield, and among the Celts its lightweight wood was favored for making shields.

    People thought they had magical qualities to safeguard the bearer from psychic as well as physical harm.

     Aspens were also said to be able to protect buried treasure.

    I used 2 techniques for this painting, first the fluid acrylic for the back and used impasto for the trees, this painting is selling in the Art and Crafts show at 25% of discount from the price shown in my website.

  • Endangered: Australian Kohala
    Acrylic Painting with texture done with grated coffee on 16"H x 20"W Canvas panel. It comes with a gold/black Floater....

  • In this version I was inspired to create the art of endangered Koala remembering of the terrible ecological catastrophe done by the fires in Australia in 2019, that almost killed all remaining Koalas in Australia. The wiring showed in the painting means the sad true that the animals were trapped... 😞😢

    I'm offering this painting with a 25% discount from the price listed in my website.

  • Senoritas Beach (Lima, Peru)
    Acrylic painting done on 24"H x 30"W x 2"D stretched canvas, it comes with a natural wood floater frame and dust cover in the back, ready to hang....

  • SEÑORITAS Beach is one of the most prestigious surfing places in Peru. There is a high-performance wave in Punta Hermosa, located around 40 kilometers from Lima. With a variety of world-class waves in the region, it’s known as a surfer’s paradise in Southern Peru.

    I offering this painting with a special 25% discount from the price in my website.

  • Field of Sunflowers
    Acrylic paint done on 18"H x 24" W stretched canvas. It comes with a gold/black floater frame, with dust cover in the back and ready to hang....

  • Sunflowers are the symbol of loyalty, adoration thanks to the myth of Clytie and Apollo. ... In China, sunflowers are the symbol of long life, vitality and good luck. And to Native American's sunflowers are the symbol of harvest and provision. Basically no matter where you are, sunflowers are a positive flower that brings joy to many.

    This painting was made with four layers of paint in each petals of the flowers.