Handmade Chenille LLC

Venice,  FL 
United States
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One of a Kind Handmade Wearable Art


  • Lace Chenille Tunic
    This open webbed like Jacket is Handmade by Stitching the various Yarns threads and fabrics together while at the sewing machine creating a One of a Kind piece of Wearable art...
    Did I tell you it's machine wash and Dry too?...

  • Handmade One of a Kind Lace Chenille Jacket
  • Tassel tunic
    This Awesome Conversation Piece is Handmade at the sewing machine by stitching Hand Tied Knots allowing movement to the Tassel....

  • This Tassel Tunic is a must have...

    Hand tied Knots stithed down allowing movement of Tassels..

    Yes it is Machine Wash and Dry too !!