Wood Speaks To You

Chesterfield,  VA 
United States
  • Booth: 617

We offer very unique and often never before seen creations. Our 3D US States are beautiful and are typically what attracts people to our booth. We also have interchangeable sets that are switched in and out of either a wagon, bench or a round wall hanging with a basket. Our customers can switch out their sets for holidays, months, events, sports, heroes, animals and more. We love creating custom pieces featuring line drawings of either someone's home or portrait cut out in wood.


  • Country Map Wall Hangings
    You have to see these in person. Our country maps are unique and eye catching. Each country has it's territories, states, etc. cut out individually and engraved with the main cities on each one. Truly unique!...

  • We offer several different countries.  The maps are divided into the different states, territories, etc.  Each individual state is then stained different colors to create a beautiful and unique piece.  The sizes range depending on the country.  The USA is 27" x 19."  We now offer Virginia and it's 95 different counties - each one individually cut.
  • 3D Hand Crafted States
    Stunning multi layer scenic states are laser cut and hand painted. Each one is unique and made in our home studio....

  • These 3D States are laser cut from 1/4" maple and hand painted.  Each one is unique.  They range from six to eleven layers and range in price based on the amount of wood and painting detail.  They are typically 15" by 9" with vibrant colors and beautiful nature scenes.  We started our business making the states and they are still one of our favorites things to make!
  • Charcuterie Boards
    Charcuteries boards cut from 1/4 wood and then stained to the color of your choice. We offer different sizes to meet your needs....

  • Three layer charcuterie boards cut from 1/4 wood and then stained to the color of your choice.  We offer different sizes. They come with six interchangeable round pieces that fit in the center circle of the board. One will be customized with your name.  These are a fun and easy way to display food at a party or for a quiet evening at home.  These make great gifts!
  • Interchangeable Sets and Bases
    Interchangeable sets that you switch out for different seasons, months, events, holidays, military, careers, sports or just plain fun. Each set is designed to be changed in and out of three different bases....

  • These beautiful sets are laser cut from 1/8" birch and each piece is hand painted.  There are 70 different sets that you can choose from.  They are designed to sit in one of our bases.  The favorite is a dark walnut stained wagon.  There is also a painted black shelf sitter and a hanging round with an attached basket.  The haning round can be painted white or stained in either dark walnut or basic gray.  Each set comes with three pieces and a sign to hang on the base.  We have so much fun making these and we know you will enjoy them too!
  • Door Leaner
    A new addition to the WSTY line of products. They are different than other door leaners in that they are personalized, have an interchangeable "O" that is swapped out by a magnet and the letters are nailed to the sign....

  • Our door leaners come in two sizes - 5 ft and 4ft and come either painted white or stained with dark walnut.  Each letter is glued and nailed so they do not come off.  They are sprayed with water resistant laquer in a satin finish and can be used outdoors.  They can be purchased with one "O" or with three, six or twelve different "O"s.  There are twelve available (one for each month) and we also offer individual sports "O"s.  Come by and see the difference in the quality of our products.