Rachel Smith Pottery

Lexington,  NC 
United States
  • Booth: 112

Elegant functional and sculptural reduction fired stoneware, wheel thrown and hand built, with added elements of caning, wisteria vine, twigs and wire. I am inspired by Japanese and Korean pottery, with Scandinavian influence of form and function. My functional work includes teapots, lamps, bowls, cups and plates, the sculptural side is hanging sculptures and faces. All fun and beautiful!


  • Teapot
    This teapot will hold 4-6 cups and is used for brewing and serving. Wheel thrown and handbuilt, it has a handle of wisteria vine and caning....

  • 11"h x 9"w x 5.5"w

    Wheel thrown and handbuilt with wisteria vine and caning handle.

  • Tea bowl or whiskey cup
    4"h x 3.5"w
    Wheel thrown and altered. Cone 10 stoneware...

  • This tea bowl is wheel thrown and then indented to give your fingers a comfortable place to nestle. 
    It is glazed with a teal glaze with charcoal speckles and a black ash side dip. Fired in a reduction kiln to cone 10.

  • Hanging sculpture
    27" long plus some chain for hanging

  • This sculpture is made from textured slabs of clay that are made into large clay beads. They are reduction fired to cone10, then wired and strung together along with sticks, bamboo and other found objects.

    Not a wind chime! In freezing weather it should be under a roofed porch, or inside.