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We've been designing jewelry for over 30 years. Our pieces are fabricated or carved then cast in 14k gold. I've been cutting stones for over 20 years and most of our gemstones are custom cut using one of a kind cutting diagrams to insure that our customers will never see a stone exactly like it. Each designs comes with a signed copy of the diagram along with the origin of the gem rough. We are very proud that every step from the design ,casting ,stone cutting and finish work is done by us.


custom gem one of a kind cutting


  • Ametrine cut pendant
    Custom cut ametrine with flashes of purple and yellow colors blending together to make a unique exciting color. Set in a 14k gold hand carved pendant....

  • When cutting any stone a lot of time is taken to orient the material to get the best color and yield. This material came from Brazil and had the yellow and purple colors swirling together. The stone exhibits flashes of both colors which makes it really unique. After the stone is finished a mount has to be carved so that the stone fits in perfectly. This stone is featured in the video above.
  • 14k gold ring The Shark
    Hand carved ring that is carved in wax then cast in 14k yellow gold....

  • This shark ring is a very unique design that sweeps around the finger. The piece fits very close to the hand and with the addition of a heavy comfort fit band it is extremely comfortable to wear.
  • large shield gold earrings
    Large shield design earrings with a very high polish accented by a stoned finished shield....

  • 14k yellow gold shield earrings
  • Peachy Pink Morganite Pendant
    Custom cut Brazilian Morganite Gemstone set in a hand carved 14k pendant....

  • The stone is a light peachy pink color cut in a very interesting escudo cut diagram. The bottom of the stone has 10 angles and the top has 13 angles. This stone flashes from all directions. The mount was designed to give the appearance of being wrapped around the stone. The light colored stones really pic up the colors of anything that is around it. This stone is featured in the video above.
  • carved wedding band
    carved wedding band cast in 14k yellow gold...

  • Every ring we design starts out being carved in wax. This allows each piece to have smooth clean lines. We then cast in 14k yellow gold and offer a nice selection of solid gold designs with heavy shanks that will withstand many years of every day wear.