Ewes-ful Fiber Arts

Westminster,  MD 
United States
  • Booth: 221

Susan Withnell of Ewes-ful FiberArts is a weaver and hand spinner. She uses a spinning wheel to create handspu and hand dyed yarns, many from her flock of rare breed Wensleydale sheep, angora rabbits and alpaca. Using a variety of yarns, Susan weaves large V-Shawls, scarves and the very popular mobius wraps.


  • Handwoven Mobius Wrap
    A mobius wrap is a continuous loop textile that can be worn three ways. It can be warn like a shawl, over the shoulders, or pulled up to wear like an infinity scaft. The length is generous enough to double it and wear it like a cowl....

  • There are several different colors and styles of mobius available.  The yarns used vary from rayon chenille, bamboo fibers or merino/tencel fibers.  A very popular teal/blue mobius woven with rayon chenille fibers FLIES off the rack at every show!
  • Hand Spun Yarns
    Each skein of hand spun yarn has 4 ounces of fiber. All are individually spun on a spinning wheel. Susan will demonstrate hand spinning of yarn at the show. Many fibers are from her rare breed Wensleydale sheep, angora rabbits, and alpaca....

  • Hand spun yarn has a character to it that cannot be duplicated by machines that produce hundreds of skeins of yarn a day. Some yarns are spun first and they dyed a solid color.  For multicolored skeins, the fibers are dyed first, then blended and then spun into yarn.  Available from Ewes-ful Fiber Arts are yarns from rare breed Wensleydale sheep, a breed know for the length, softness and luster of it's fibers.  Also available are 100% alpaca yarn, angora/wool blend, wool/mohair blend, and silk/baby camel down blend.  The silk and camel down are obtained from a friend in California and spun into a yarn that is a soft as cashmere, a true luxury.  A free scarf pattern is available with the purchase of a skein of yarn.
  • Scarves
    There are many different colors, patterns and types of scarves available. They are all hand woven on one of the four large floor looms in the studio. Current scarves are available in both tencel fibers or bamboo fibers....

  • The shine and soft drape of these tencel scarves emulate the look and feel of silk.  Using different colors for the weft yarn that weaves the fabric creates a different look using all the same warp yarns that have been put on the loom!
  • V-Shawls
    Two striped panels are woven on a large floor loom. The first panel is removed from the loom and then woven into the second panel that is still on the loom. This creates a V shape to the large shawl....

  • Available in both 100% wool and cotton/wool blends, these V-shawls are truly unique.  Because the striped front panels are hand woven together in the back, each back creates a beautiful plaid pattern that falls down to a point at the bottom.  The V shape at the neck allows the shawl to sit nicely over the shoulders without bunching at the neck.  Be sure to check out the hand cast pewter penanular pins that are available for purchase at a discounted price with the purchase of the V-shawls!