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Brockway,  PA 
United States
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I'm a furniture craftsman who hand crafts accent tables to dining sets and so much more. I'm known for my signature dining and rocking chairs, which are extremely comfortable. I invite you to my booth, just to stop in and have a seat. I'll win you over with comfort, quality, and style. Whether you chose to order a dining set the way I show it at the show, or customize it with your own twist - either way, you'll be getting a one of a kind that is literally made for you.


Table & Chair Maker

 Show Specials

  • (Aug 08, 2022)
    $150 IN HOME delivery for all dining table sets ordered at the show.


  • Addi Live Edge Table set
    Light and bright live edge table set....

  • The Addi Table is a solid top live edge table. It is made with a special kind of maple wood called ambrosia maple. Each piece of ambrosia maple is unique, so no two tables will look exactly alike.

    A key feature of ambrosia maple is the beautiful color swirls in the wood. These patterns are actually the result of a beetle infestation (see the dark "worm holes") and a fungus the beetles bring with them. 

    I also use live edge for the chair tops, a creative way to extend the aesthetic of the table throughout the set that I haven't seen by another craftsman yet.


  • Cattleman's Table set
    Single pedestal table that isn't square, and isn't round....

  • The Cattleman Table is one of my most popular table designs. It features a unique square round shape that maximizes seating, and shares advantages of both round tables and square tables. 

    The single pedestal design allows the table top to extend while the base stays still - saving your floors from scratches. It also gives me space to support and  conveniently store the table leaves right under the table top - easy access & protection all in one. 

    The rough sawn ranchwood top has the aesthetic of reclaimed wood. The rustic top paired with the black distressed paint are great at hiding wear and tear.

    The butterfly leaves (leaves that are cut in half and hinged together so they fold) are what allow the leaves to self store. 

    Solid leaves with aprons to hide the center gap when the table is extended are also available, but solid leaves will not self store.

  • Henry's Fork Table Set
    Solid oak wood table and four chairs in winning white and grey colors....

  • The Henry's Fork table is great design because it starts seating four, and has a lot of extension (48" total). 

    It comes standard with kitchen height chairs, which are exactly like our dining chairs, just with a 4" shorter back. Same great lumbar support! (see picture above. Kitchen height chairs take up less visual space, and are great for kitchen tables or small space dining areas.

  • Woodland Live Edge Table Set
    Beautiful tri-wood live edge table set featuring walnut wood....

  • The Woodland Table is a solid wood live edge table. It is made with a beautiful un-steamed walnut wood, which is known for drastic color variation. Some trees and boards even have a purple coloring, and/or curl in the wood.

    I use clean boards on my live edge tables, so I cut out knots and splits. That means my tables often have more than two boards glued for the top. The reason for this is twofold: 

    1. Large knots and splits can "move" and cause problems down the road.
    2. To differentiate. Plenty of craftsmen out there work in rustic live edge. My live edge is what I consider rustic refined.

    I also use live edge for the chair tops, a creative way to extend the aesthetic of the table throughout the set that I haven't seen by another craftsman yet.

  • Canyon Mission Table Set
    Light grey and white table and six chairs that extends AND self stores all leaves....

  • The Canyon Mission Table features an arts & crafts slatted trestle base. This trestle base allows the table top to extend while the legs stay still - saving your floors. It also gives me the support I need to conveniently store the table leaves right under the table top - easy access & protection all in one.

    The rough sawn ranchwood top has the aesthetic of reclaimed wood, and is great at hiding wear and tear. It is pigmented a completely hit and miss pattern on the top that allows both the grey, and the white to show through at once.

    The chairs are shown mix and match as a stylistic choice. You can order your chairs all in the same color, all wood, or all fabric - at no additional charge.