Art By Alexandra

Fairfax,  VA 
United States
  • Booth: 723

I started painting a long time ago, then I discovered glass flamework. Melting glass is challenging but with practice, and better understanding of "cause and effect", amazing results can be achieved. For example a very realistic, 3-dimensional flower may be created using the implosion technique. the use of twisted color glass will add variegation and beauty to


  • Imploded flower
    A three-dimensional flower "floating" in clear glass. Delicate and unique!...

  • This flower design was obtained through a process referred to as "implosion". The glass is being melted into the flame, the glass petals are being slowly incorporated into clear glass. Gravity, rotation, some patience, and this amazing flower grows into the glass!
  • 3 sisters
    Design of 3 African women together....

  • This pendant shows how the artist can "paint with glass", drawing figures, dresses, and movement... Inspired by African statues, this playful motif is also symbolic of frienship and sisterhood!
  • Glass bracelet
    Each element is a glass cabochon which has been designed and shaped over the flame....

  • Each element has been shaped and designed over the flame. The result is a colorful, bright and happy bracelet!
  • Glass necklace
    Each bead has been created using soft glass of different colors....

  • Different pastels beads are assembled to create this unique, elegant neclace.
  • Abstract Pendant
    A bold design in bright colors!...

  • This pendant is unique, featuring a very spontaneous, abstract design! Wearable art....