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Alexandria,  VA 
United States
  • Booth: 804

I am a self taught, chain maille artist. I love creating both bold and delicate statement pieces in a wide variety of weaves.


  • Waterfall Scales Necklace
    A beautiful necklace created with aluminum jump rings and scales. Shown in silver, it is available in other colors as well....

  • The waterfall scale necklace is created with approximately 150 aluminum scales and over 300 aluminum jump rings.  Although it is a bold statement piece, the aluminum makes it lightweight and maintenance free.
  • Borealis Earrings
    A variety of earrings that is sure to complement any outfit. Shown in red and silver, they are available in other colors as well...

  • These earrings are woven in the Helm pattern.  Made of aluminum jump rings with titanium earwires.  All of my earrings are lightweight and hypoallergenic.
  • Twisted European 4-1 Necklace
    Over 1200 jump rings are woven together creating a stunning necklace. Shown in black, gunmetal, and silver, it is available in other color patterns as well....

  • This stunning necklace is woven with aluminum jump rings.  It is a bold statement piece that is both lightweight and maintenance free.
  • Braided Rope Necklace
    A beautiful woven necklace shown in black, gunmetal, and silver. It is also available in other colors....

  • This necklace is woven in 3 strands of Full Persian, and then braided together creating an amazing necklace.  The aluminum jump rings create a very lightweight and maintenance free piece.