C.I.N. Scarves Slides

W. Peterborugh,  NH 
United States
  • Booth: 626

Scarf Wraps, Scarf Buttons, Scarf Chains and Scarves


  • Scarf Button & Scarf
    Scarf Button has 2 clips behind it. It secures your scarf without pins or knots. Can also be used on sweaters, low necklines and shawls....

  • Made from repurposed items.
  • Scarf Wrap & Scarf
    Scarf Wraps are used instead of putting a pin thru your scarf. It wraps around your scarf. We use repurposed pin, brooches, and buttons to create each piece. We also make all of our scarves - using only soft fabrics that we choose....

  • We collect vintage and new pieces of jewelry to create each Wrap.
  • Scarf Chain - Fancy & Scarf
    Scarf Chain is made of repurposed necklaces - beads and chains. Our Fancy chains are more ornate and longer then our Scarf Chains. We pick out soft fabrics to make all of our scarves....

  • Our fancy scarf chains are made of vintage and repurposed necklaces.
  • Scarf Chain - Double & Scarf
    Our Scarf Chains are made of repurposed chains and necklaces. We use earrings, cuff links and parts of other jewelry to create each one. Each scarf if made from soft fabric ....

  • Double Scarf Chains are made of a combination of necklaces and chains.