Jonathan's Spoons

Kempton,  PA 
United States
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Something as simple as a wooden spoon can become one of the most interesting items in your kitchen. My handcrafted utensils are made from cherry wood, giving the spoons a warm, rustic look. Whether you need a slotted spoon for cooking or a unique pair of salad tongs that look elegant at the dinner table, you’ll love the unique designs available from Jonathan’s Spoons.


  • Cat Tail® Forked Salad Set
    Celebrating serious salad serving, with a whimsical cat tail design!...

  • Our cat tail® salad set is 13 1/2" of hand carved wild cherry wood, with burned stripes to add whimsy.
  • Medium cherry ladle
    Excellently balanced, our medium ladle is the perfect size for your serving needs....

  • Our medium ladle is 11 1/2" of solid cherry wood, ergonomically designed so that it functions as an extension of the hands.
  • Slotted Spoon Collection
    We offer several slotted utensil designs for your serving needs....

  • Slotted spoons and spatulas are a staple for any kitchen.
  • Inside Out Tongs
    Hand crafted serving tongs enhance your table presentation....

  • Our inside out tongs are both elegant and functionally precise. Flip them inside out and they fold completely flat making it easy to tuck them away in your utencil drawer.