Continuing Education

Formal attendance documentation for designated continuing education sessions is a benefit of AFCEA/INSA membership.
Documentation will be in the form of an email suitable for uploading to certification maintenance accounts with CompTIA and/or GIAC and will be provided by October 9, 2016. 
For formal attendance documentation:

  • Visit the AFCEA/INSA booth to join or renew your membership.
  • Attend the entire relevant session (minimum of 60 minutes).  Please ask questions since the session will not qualify for CEUs or CPEs if it does not run for at least 60 minutes.
  • Get your event badge scanned on exiting the session.

Non-members and members who missed getting badges scanned at the close of a session may prepare their documentation by using session information available on the web site. 

Download Flyer for more information.

Check the mobile app for details on rooms.