About SWANApalooza

SWANApalooza NetworkingExhibitor Registration is now open. Please login to your Exhibitor Portal and click on Booth Personnel to register your staff. For password assistance, contact emily.amador@spargoinc.com.

SWANApalooza allows its attendees to have the opportunity to view the future of solid waste management through the lens of public sector entities, private companies, and consultants. Explore opportunities for domestic recycling, marine litter initiatives, landfill technical operations and safety best practices with experts, government officials and top professionals from a range of industry areas. Gain entirely new perspectives, embrace industry progress and discover the future of solid waste and recycling.

SWANApalooza Frequently Asked Questions

  Where is the exhibit hall located?

Westin Peachtree Plaza
210 Peachtree St NW
Atlanta, GA 30303
South and West Halls

  Where is the Exhibitor Service Manual?

The Exhibitor Service Manual will be available 2-3 months prior to the event.

  Who are my main contacts?

Who do I contact?

Exhibit Sales

Companies beginning with #-D, T-Z:
Bradley Eubank
SWANA Exhibit and Sponsorship Sales

Companies beginning with E-S:
Cindy Auguste
SWANA Exhibit and Sponsorship Sales


SWANapalooza Registration Support


The Westin Peachtree Plaza
1 (800) 937-8461
Make a Reservation here.

Exhibit Operations

Emily Amador
SWANApalooza Exposition Management
c/o SPARGO, Inc.

Judy Spargo, CEM
SWANApalooza Exposition Management
c/o SPARGO, Inc.

  What are the Exhibit Hall hours for SWANApalooza?

Exhibit Hall Hours:

Monday, March 23            6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Tuesday, March 24         10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Wednesday, March 25     9:00 AM - 1:30 PM

*Exhibit hall hours are subject to change. Should a change be made, exhibitors will be notified in writing.

  How can I receive a pre and post-show attendee list?

A pre-registered attendee list will be emailed (automatically) to the booth key contact approximately three (3) weeks prior to the show. A complete post-show attendee list will be emailed (automatically) approximately three (3) weeks after the show to the booth key contact. Note: These lists are opt-in only and include physical addresses, no email addresses.

  What deadlines should I keep in mind?

A deadline checklist is housed in the Exhibitor Service Manual which will be available 2-3 months prior to the event. Most deadlines fall 30-45 days in advance of the first day of the Expo.

Registration and Program Questions

  How can I register my booth personnel?

Exhibitor Registration is now available and can be found within the Exhibitor Portal. Your badge allotment is dependent on the size of your space. To confirm what is included with your space, please contact the Exhibit Sales team.

  Where can I make hotel reservations?

Housing reservations can be made here for the Westin Peachtree Plaza. For assistance, please contact 1(800) 937-8461.

Know Before You Go

  Transportation to the Convention Center?

Closest Airport:
The closest major airport to Atlanta, GA is Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. This airport is less than 10 miles from the Westin Peachtree Plaza.

Ground Transportation
Taxi Service & Public Transportation Options

  What are the age restrictions for SWANApalooza 2020?

No one under age 18 is permitted in the exhibit hall during move in or move out hours. During exhibit hours, children will require a badge to access the exhibit hall. Please see registration for badge information.

  What is the dress code?

Business casual is always welcome, but khakis and company logo polo-shirt are acceptable.

  Who is exhibiting this year?

Click here to see an interactive exhibitor list and floor plan.

  How do I work with a tight budget?
  • Always order your services before the discount deadlines.
  • Consolidate your freight and shrink wrap it to avoid additional material handling charges.
  • For large groups use shuttle transportation rather than individual taxi service.
  • Always bring back up supplies so you don’t have to rent them for a premium at the show.
  • Some items are cheaper to bring on your own rather than renting year after year every show. (i.e. power strips, extension cords, artificial plants, trash can etc.)
  • Consider the costs of rental displays, carpet and booth furnishing versus shipping and material handling charges for your own display.
  • Meet your freight target times (if applicable) and instruct your drivers to check in at the marshaling yard before the deadline time noted in the service manual to avoid additional surcharges.
  • For larger booths - ship hanging signs and carpet in advance to allow for straight-time installation when possible.

  What additional costs can I expect?

Aside from the cost of your exhibit space:

Carpet or Floor Covering

Most Exhibitors will Incur/Need:
Material Handling/Drayage Charges
Shipping Charges
Booth Furniture (i.e. carpet, draped tables, chairs, etc.)

If Applicable:
Electric/Phone/Internet Connection