Infrastructure Data Solutions, Inc. (IDS)

Regina,  SK 
  • Booth: 1335

IDS’ award-winning solutions enable the development of “truly optimal” long-range network-level improvement plans for bridges and roads that achieve maximum return on investment in terms of maximizing system condition and minimizing risk levels at the lowest lifecycle cost. Our cloud-based solutions are highly scalable and can be customized to meet agency’s specific needs and constraints.


  • Bridge Optimizer
    Award-winning software for developing "truly optimal" long-range network-level bridge improvement project lists that minimize risk, maximize condition, and minimize lifecycle cost....

  • Bridge OptimizerTM is the only software that guarantees the generation of optimal long-range network-level bridge improvement programs. Generated project lists minimize network-level risk, maximize condition, and minimize lifecycle cost. Bridge OptimizerTM enables accurate assessment of implications of funding scenarios and determining funding needs to meet desired performance and risk targets. The software implements the industry's most advanced algorithms for deterioration modeling, risk analysis, prioritization, and multi-objective optimization.