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InfraTest is the state of the art German manufacturer with a full line of innovative Asphalt Concrete and Soil materials laboratory testing equipment and technology. The ONLY original, patented manufacture of automatic binder extraction unit the Asphalt Analyzer. Visit us online:

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  • With 4000 Asphalt Analyzer units in operation worldwide, infraTest has engineered a truly valuable solution to safely and easily extract binder, get clean and dry aggregate, fines and rubber particles ready for sieve analysis within 45-55 minutes, all in a closed solvent based system.                                                        


    infraTest’s Asphalt Analyzer is used for the extraction and determination of binder content including for rubber modified bituminous mixtures for use with non-flammable solvents like trichloroethylene. The extraction and distillation is PC controlled with every step of the process shown on the touch panel screen. The new PG model is equipped with a second solvent circuit allowing for the extraction of asphalt mixtures as a stand-alone procedure within the washing chamber or within the vertical standing unit with an automatic decantation system where bituminous material will be separated through a process of continuous mixing. The separated rubber particles swim up to the surface where they are collected inside a special collection tray. The aggregates are stored in the washing chamber; fines are separated in the centrifuge compartment.  Binder is collected in the binder recovery chamber and solvent is distilled with only 25ml permanently lost per extraction. All parts of the bituminous mixture are dried during the test procedure and ready for further testing.


  • Automatic Binder Extraction Unit
    One of a kind technology for automating the extraction process in a closed loop solvent based system. Improve safety and increase efficiency and decrease solvent waste with our zero emissions unit....

    •    Automatic extraction of the binder and drying of the minerals in one closed system 
    •    Extracted binder / solvent mixture can be removed easily for further distillation in a rotary evaporator
    •    Washed minerals and filler can be removed easily in dry condition 
    •    Easy inspection and cleaning of washing chamber and centrifuge
    •    Insulated and heated washing chamber for effective drying of the minerals
    •    Insulated centrifuge chamber for effective drying of the filler
    •    Large vacuum pump for effective drying process 
    •    High speed centrifuge for separating the filler from the binder solvent mixture
    •    Easy maintenance  training
    •    New model – for recycled GTR extraction available.