Pavemetrics Systems

Quebec,  QC 
  • Booth: 1214

Pavemetrics sensors help infrastructure managers to optimize their asset maintenance and management strategies through fast, accurate and automatic condition evaluation. Come stop by our booth to learn how our sensors and automated algorithms can help you to inspect your assets in less time, with greater accuracy and repeatability while minimizing staff field exposure and cost.


    Pavemetrics sensors are used in more than 35 countries around the world to automatically inspect roads, runways, railways and tunnels....

  • The Laser Crack Measurement System

    PavemetricsTM Laser Crack Measurement System (LCMSTM) is the ultimate single-pass 3D sensor for pavement inspection. The LCMS is able to automatically measure, detect and quantify all key functional parameters of pavement in a single pass, including: cracking, rutting, texture, potholes, shoving, raveling and roughness.

    The LCMS delivers proven results on more surfaces than any other sensor in the market; from hotmix asphalt to chipseal, porous pavement, and both tined and untined concrete.

    Able to perform a complete pavement condition inspection at full 1mm resolution, in a single pass, automatically, day or night, at 100+ km/h; the LCMS can dramatically reduce your labor costs and time to complete your projects.


    The same proven sensor technology used by the LCMS can also be deployed for a wide variety of other applications including: railway inspection, tunnel inspection, airport runway inspection and digital terrain modeling. For more details regarding the LCMS as well as these other applications please refer to our website.