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Winnipeg,  MB 
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The Otto Travel Study Solution (OTSS) is the latest innovation from Persen Technologies Incorporated (PERSENTECH). The suite of Otto solutions results in richer, layered data used for transportation planning and modelling, automating travel surveys, and for transportation research studies with project-specific research outcomes.


  • OBDII Dongle
    A compact and low-cost vehicle data logger that connects to a vehicle's on-board diagnostic connector. Completely autonomous power management with integrated GPS and accelerometer electronics. Data storage on a micro-SD memory card....

  • The vehicle data logger is installed in a lightduty vehicle and used to monitor and record driving behaviour and vehicle performance. The OBDII-Dongle50 device includes simple color-coded LEDs that identify and validate
    the operation of each of the device. The device stores data on the microSD card only – there are no active radio modules for wireless data transmissions.

    The device is powered by the vehicle’s 12 volt supply directly. The device powers up when the vehicle’s ignition is turned on and powers down 60 seconds after the vehicle engine is stopped.
    The device operates autonomously collecting data on an SD card and the OttoView-DTS software utility is used to
    extract the data logs and to upload the information into the desired output file format: CSV (Comma Separated Value);
    KML (GoogleEarth®) and IPL (Incremental Position Logic for access to reports).

    High Quality and Comprehensive Data: Data captured at 1 Hz sampling rate including location-based information, speed, distance, idling, fuel economy, emissions, and various other vehicle performance options including RPM, coolant temperature, mass air flow etc.

    Historical and reliable data storage: Years of data can be collected and stored on the SD memory card.

    Standards-compliant: Connects to SAEJ1979 passenger vehicles.

    Easy-to-install: Installed under the dash without the need for cables or any special tools or professional installation services.
    Reliable: The device will draw power exclusively from the diagnostic interface and includes power management functions that allow it to operate autonomously.

    Easy Data Management: Simple tools and data export functionality included within the OttoView-DTS application software utility.