Resensys, LLC

College Park,  MD 
United States
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Resensys manufactures wireless structural monitoring systems for bridges, dams, pipelines, railroads, and buildings. Resensys’ devices are lightweight and easy to install, with a battery life of 10 years; they monitor strain, tilt/inclination, displacement, vibration, and temperature/humidity. In operation since 2008, our sensors are monitoring infrastructure in the US and around the world.

 Press Releases

  • According to FHWA’s National Bridge Inventory Database, there are now more than 18,000 fracture-critical bridges in the USA.  These structures are defined as having one or more steel members in tension whose failure would lead to partial or total collapse of the bridge.  The catastrophic collapse of Minneapolis 1-35W Bridge in 2007 was a stark example of the failure of fracture-critical bridges.  Early detection of structural problems in these bridges is imperative to ensure public safety.

    A breakthrough practice for monitoring fracture-critical bridges is the use of Resensys' wireless Senspot sensors.  The technology, developed with the support of the National Science Foundation, concurrently monitors strain and temperature on girders, truss members and gusset plates to determine strain variation caused by temperature and live traffic.  Senspot data can also help determine load-bearing capacity of bridges and detect occasional overstrains caused by vehicles’ violation of the bridge’s maximum load. 

    One feature that makes Senspot suitable for long-term monitoring is that it offers more than ten years of battery life, making it virtually maintenance-free.  Another benefit is its ease of installation.  Devices measure 50mm by 50mm by 25mm and have an adhesive mount by which they can be attached to steel and other metal surfaces.


  • Wireless SenSpot for structural monitoring
    SenSpot is a wireless device for long-term structural monitoring. SenSpot sensors can monitor strain, tilt/inclination, displacement, vibration (acceleration), temperature and humidity. ...

  • Wireless SenSpot™ sensors offer a breakthrough technology for real-time and long-term structural health monitoring.  Sample applications of SenSpot™ sensors include:  

    (1) monitoring tilt,  horizontal displacement, settling, deflection, instability of foundation piers and abutments.

    (2) monitoring strain (stress) in girders, beams, truss members, and detecting overstrain or fatigue.

    (3) monitoring bearing tilt, movement of joints, temperature response, detecting bearing malfunction and other components of expansion joints.

    (4) calculating load carrying capacity quickly and easily, assisted by strain, tilt, deformation response of bridge elements under loading.

    (5) SenSpot sensors can be used in other structures such as airframes, pipelines, tunnels, towers, buildings, cranes, etc.

    (6) In addition to wireless SenSpot sensors, Resensys offers SeniMax data logger and remote communication gateway,  and SenScope software for data visualization, analysis, and alert manangement.