AZZ Metal Coatings  

Canton,  OH 
United States
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For over 40 years, AZZ has been central to protecting critical infrastructure. As North America’s largest galvanizer, the steel industry has looked to AZZ as a leading provider of corrosion protection. Using our proprietary Galvxtra® hot-dip galvanizing process, AZZ Metal Coatings includes, AZZ Galvanizing, AZZ GalvaBar®, AZZ GalvXtra Natina®, AZZ Metalizing and AZZ GalvXtra Color®.


  • AZZ Galvabar
    Galvabar is galvanized rebar with zinc alloy that provides the well-known corrosion protection of zinc and the added benefit of exceptional formability. GalvaBar can be bent after the galvanzing process is complete without cracking, peeling or flaking....

  • The CGR process produces a galvanized rebar compliant with ASTM A 1094/ A 1094M-15. The CGR coating provides the well-known corrosion protection of zinc, as well as the added benefit of exceptional formability.

    GalvaBar coats the steel with minimal exposure time to the molten zinc before cooling. This allows all grades of steel (normal- and high-strength) to be galvanized with no risk of embrittlement. All grades of steel — including high-strength steels — will have the same zinc alloy coating.

    The GalvaBar coating is a thin alloy layer (the same as that produced on continuously galvanized sheet products) and adheres very well.  It can be bent or stretched without cracking, peeling or flaking.

    GalvaBar results in a flexible and adherent galvanized coating with no thick zinc-iron alloy layers. The coated bar can be bent, stretched, twisted or otherwise fabricated after the galvanizing process is complete without cracking or flaking the coating, regardless of the total coating mass. As a result, there is no zinc loss due to brittleness during forming in the field, and repair requirements are minimal.