Barrel Mover 5000

Dry Ridge,  KY 
United States
  • Booth: 1419

The Innovative Solutions to Barrel Logistics, reduce cost, increase productivity and save lives.


    The Innovative Solution to Barrel logistics, reduce cost, increase productivity, and save lives. The BarrelMover 5000 easily attaches to any truck. It allows you to shift barrels or cones from left/right during a lane closure and up to 2 lanes at a time....

  • Save cost, make money and keep your workers safe all in one with The BarrelMover 5000. One operator can do the work of 3-4 employees, safely, in less than 40% of the time using the BarrelMover 5000. Reduce cost by minimizing the traffic control workforce, allowing a company to be more competitive during project bids. Increase productivity in the work zone by reducing time spent to open or close traffic lanes. Longer shifts in the work zone means completing projects ahead of schedule. Saves lives with the BarrelMover 5000 by limiting exposure of the employees to the hazards of traffic. In return will save contractors and the government a substantial amount of money in a time restricted work zone.