Bluemac Analytics

Portland,  OR 
United States
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Bluemac Analytics delivers data & analytics for accurately quantifying Travel Time, Speed, Origin-Destination, & Trajectory to aid transportation agencies with benchmarking & post-change results. With over a decade of experience applying Bluetooth® technology (Classic & BLE), and now Wi-Fi, Bluemac’s devices & services help with Daily Operations & are key within ITS solutions at all agency levels.


  • SCU (Self-contained Unit)
    Bluetooth roadside data collection, battery powered, solar recharged, cellular data communications. Only 17.2 lbs, including battery....

  • These devices are used to collect data to assist with daily operations, such as Travel Time, Origination-Destination, Trajectory, and Travel Speed. SCUs are housed in NEMA rated
    enclosures, and are currently deployed in inclement, desert,
    extreme hot and cold conditions. The SCU is battery powered,
    recharged via a solar panel (included) and can be supplemented
    with an additional battery pack (optional). The SCU
    model’s power system can run indefinitely in sunny