Aerix Industries

Allentown,  PA 
United States
  • Booth: 731

At Aerix Industries, we manufacture and supply a dynamic product line of integrated engineered foam liquid concentrates. Our attention to quality enables our customers to produce and install low density cellular concretes (<50lbs/ft3) and utilize foam technology for a variety of applications. Our foam liquid concentrates produce the most stable and highest value of preformed foam in the industry.


  • Non-Permeable & Permeable Cellular Concrete
    A type of cellular concrete that does not allow water to flow through it...

  • Non-permeable Low Density Cellular Concrete (LDCC) is what most people are used to when they hear the name of cellular conrete. As the name suggests it does not allow water to penatrate it. Like all cellular concrete it has many uses. Non-permeable cellular concrete has  numerous very usefull features. Some of these features include insulation, minor seismic protection, eco-friendly, and is easily excavatable. Some of the more popular applications for this type of cellular concrete are: roofing, water displacement, bridges, and various geotechincal applications. Aerix Industries has a alot of quality foaming agents but there two most popular for non-permable cellular concrete are Mearlcrete and Aerlite.

    Permeable Low Density Cellular Concrete (PLDCC) is a relatively new technology and has some major advantages over LDCC. The biggest advantage it has is it allows water through it.  Two of the biggest projects that utilized PLDCC are Citi Field and Louis Armstrong Airport. These projects both utilized the patented Aquaerix foaming agent.  Stop by the Aerix booth (#731) for more informaiton.