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Exhibitor Alert

SWANA and SPARGO, Inc. encourage you to be aware of organizations that claim to have access to the SWANA WASTECON 2022 Attendee list, as they may try to sell this list to you. Please note that a complete pre-show attendee list will be emailed (automatically) approximately three (3) weeks prior to the show. A complete post-show attendee list will be emailed (automatically) approximately three (3) weeks after the show to the booth key contact. Note that these lists are opt-in only and include physical addresses, no email addresses. Also, be aware companies other than WASTECON 2022 Official Hotel may contact you and indicate that they are affiliated with SWANA and WASTECON 2022 and claim to offer hotels at 'reduced' rates. These companies are not affiliated in any way with SWANA, and it is highly recommended that you do not use their service

Important Notice Regarding Hotel Reservations

HOTEL RESERVATION/HOUSING ALERT: We have been made aware of “housing pirates” that may be aggressively pursuing you, or your company or agency, to book your guest rooms through their company at supposedly significant discounts. Reservations made through any of these companies will be at your own risk. None of these companies represent SWANA or WASTECON—they may be legitimate companies with questionable operating ethics or may be trying to obtain credit card numbers to be used illegally. Both types are commonly referred to as “housing pirates” or “housing bandits.”