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Anywhere Lab turn your mobile phlebotomy into a profit center. Blood collection done outside of the lab is a major source of preanalytical issues and a loss of time. Imagine a digital mobile application that will avoid 95% of preanalytical mistake and connect the mobile phlebotomist directly to your LIS. Imagine that ISO-15189 become a game ! Come to see a live demo on our booth #3090.

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  • 80% of the world’s population has limited access to testing laboratories. Part of that problem is being addressed by mobile blood collection services done by independent professionals. For example, in US this blood collection service is being provided by independent mobile phlebotomy organizations.

    The issue with mobile blood collection service is that the person in charge of specimen collection doesn’t necessarily have all the necessary information and guidelines on hand… It’s not like in the lab where the computer provides the phlebotomist with all the necessary information and procedures. That’s where Phlebeelab comes in. We connect the phlebotomist to the laboratory. We complete and greatly improve the mobile specimen collection process offering huge advantages both to the phlebotomist and to the laboratory.

    So what is so special about the Phlebeelab App :

    With Phlebeelab, no more paper. It’s all in the App. With one single QR Code we retrieve all the necessary information, allowing the phlebotomist to concentrate on value added tasks instead of wasting time on redundant paperwork. This means not only a gain in time but it also considerably reduces the risk of data entry errors, which is a big advantage to the Labs, as we all know data entry errors cost a lot of money to the healthcare industry and is a major problem for ISO-15189 compliance.

    Phlebeelab has a full embedded test catalogue with real time updates. Thus, the phlebotomist will always have the latest information on hand. The App also provides guidance on specific protocols and informs on changes to existing ones offering accrued security and accuracy.  For Labs, this also represents an important financial gain as they no longer need to print a catalogue or any updates.

    With Phlebeelab, Data are transmitted to the lab hours before the tubes arrive and integrated directly in the Lab’s Information System. This allows for the Lab to become a lot more efficient on the pre-analytical phase. Our experience in France shows staff spend 30% less time on this phase when they receive the data through Phlebeelab.

    Phlebeelab works on-line but also off-line and automatically synchronizes upon network detection. This is very useful to the phlebotomist as they don’t need to intervene manually. Also for the Lab this means they will have full traceability off all samples that are supposed to be delivered.

    Another nice to have feature of Phlebeelab is the shared patient record. The phlebotomist is always up to date on the client’s medical history, new appointments can be scheduled immediately when still on site and notes on client preferences can be added, helping to move towards a much more patient centered approach.

    And that’s not all

    Phlebeelab is also capable of capturing data from Mobile Medical Devices or Mobile IVD Devices and combine these data with the specimen collection data into one single patient record. A record that is immediately transmitted to the Lab and integrated directly into the Labs Information System using HL7 standards.

    We are very excited to show at AACC 2019 our connection with Avalun’s LabPad®, a very powerfull IVD device. We are moving from the POC era to the MPOC (Mobile POC) era.

    With IVD Devices we will be able to provide the first Real Mobile Lab solution, which will be very powerful.

    Our mobile application has already completely transformed the French medical lab market.

    On a worldwide basis, 10 to 20% of all lab draws are carried out outside of the lab. At SIL-LAB Innovations, we believe that this percentage will grow to 70%. We also believe that the current analytical centered process is deemed to be replaced by a much more patient centered approach. Phlebeelab is there to help both Phlebotomists and Labs to enter this new era.

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