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The average laboratory has 3.5 molecular platforms. You don’t need more instruments, you need answers. Introducing the portable, instrument-free Visby Medical COVID-19 PCR Test. Lab accuracy that fits in the palm of your hand.

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  • Visby Medical COVID-19 Test
    The instrument-free COVID-19 rapid PCR Test from Visby Medical is the diagnostic solution you have been waiting for. Lab-quality PCR testing from a single-use device that never goes down, requires no cleaning, no maintenance and no difficult-to-source cartridges....

  • Support your clinicians and front line workers with a portable, instrument-free PCR solution from Visby Medical. This single-use device boasts lab-quality testing that never goes down, requires no maintenance, no cleaning and no difficult-to-source cartridges. PCR results within 30 minutes, without instrumentation, ensure you satisfy your patients’ expectation for speed and accuracy. Everything you need to deliver a rapid PCR result is inside each and every Visby device. Free up your test time, alleviate friction and avoid bottlenecks with the Visby Medical COVID-19 Test.