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We, Asahi Kasei Group, offer a wide range of raw materials used for IVD products. NanoActTM is multicolor cellulose nanoparticles as labels for LFIA. MicrolineTM is nonwoven pad materials, like a sample pad for LFIA. We also have been providing a wide variety of high quality IVD enzymes to the customers worldwide as a pioneer in IVD enzymes since the early 1970s. We will continue to develop and provide the raw materials used for IVD products that precisely meet the needs of our customers. Mon/Tue : Mr. Kuramoto / Mr. Muraoka will be available Wed/Thu : Mr. Jomori / Mr. Kikukawa will be available

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  • Materials for IVD : Enzyme, Label, and Non-Woven Pad
    We are offering unique products for IVD as follows. 1. Enzyme : Quality customized enzymes for clinical chemistry reagents 2. NanoAct : Label for lateral flow immunoassay 3. Microline : Various non-woven pads for lateral flow immunoassay ...

  • 1. Enzyme

     As a pioneer in diagnostic enzymes since the early 1970s, we have been providing customers worldwide with a wide range of high-quality customized enzymes. We are proud of our track record as trailblazers for being the first to utilize a fermentation technique to industrialize enzyme manufacturing for lipid analysis. We will make unceasing efforts to develop and propose new measurement methods applying our enzymes to the customers worldwide.

    2. NanoAct

     Utilizing our cellulose technology matured and advanced for more than 80 years, Asahi Kasei has developed patented and innovative colored nano beads named NanoAct. Using NanoAct as a label for lateral flow immunoassays, not only increased sensitivity and faster detection time are achieved, but also multi coloring derived from unique characteristics of cellulose materials becomes available.

    3. Microline

     Asahi Kasei produced various types of non-woven fabrics and has developed into pads for IVD which have excellent uniformity and respond to various applications. In addition, sizes and shapes can be provided in various variations according to customer requirements.