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Mindray is a leading provider of IVD devices and reagents with core business in hematology, clinical chemistry and CLIA. Our solutions cover diverse laboratory needs worldwide. We have industry leading hematology analyzers and scalable automation lines, wide-range chemistry analyzers with traceable reagents, immunoassay systems with full assays, and new products in flow cytometry, HPLC analysis, coagulation, etc.. Our products serve in healthcare facilities in over 150 countries and regions.

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  • BS-430
    BS-430 is a perfect solution for the middle to high workload laboratories looking for an one-stop solution for routine chemistries and also COVID parameters...

  • BS-430: Users benefit from its minimal reaction volume feature, with less reagent consumption and less patient-sample requirement. A hardware module can be attached to the system for electrolyte tests. The instrument is associated with safety features such as sample probe clog detection, horizontal and vertical probe movement collision protection, effective interior and exterior probe washing with a waterfall wash station design. The Smart Sampling technique allows users to run direct HbA1c (excellent diabetic monitor marker) tests without manual intervention as this instrument is capable of pipetting the packed cells from the bottom layer of centrifuged whole blood anti-coagulant added tubes. This makes it a true walkaway system while maintaining the integrity of the test results.

    BS-430 instrument has grating-based photometer with 12 wavelengths and a durable tungsten-halogen lamp. It has built-in bar code reader and bi-directional LIS connection, also quality control values monitoring features with automatic L-J graph plotting system; useful for users maintaining instrument performance records for any accreditation or documentation purpose.

  • BS-600
    BS-600 is a reliable chemistry solution for mid end labs BS-600 is a random access and fully automated chemistry analyzer, with throughput of 600 tests per hour for routine chemistry and up to 770 tests per hour including ISEs....

    • Support up to 90 sample load up capacity
    • Support reagent online loading, up to 78 onboard tests plus 3 ions
    • Refrigerated reagent compartment 2~10°C
    • Reagent bobble detection, sample clot detection
    • Auto rerun, Auto reflex, Serum index
    • Support HbA1c onboard auto hemolysis
    • Dry bath with maintenance free
    • ISE optional (Na, K, CL)
  • BS-800M
    BS-800M is a reliable chemistry solution for mid-high end labs BS-800M is a random access and fully automated chemistry analyzer, with throughput of 800 tests per hour for routine chemistry and up to 1200 tests per hour including ISEs. It has the following main features....

    • Support up to 300 sample load up capacity by rack, and another independent sample carousel with 140 positions.
    • Support reagent online loading, up to 67 onboard tests plus 3 ions
    • Refrigerated reagent compartment 2~8°C
    • Reagent bobble detection, sample clot detection
    • Auto rerun, Auto reflex, Serum index
    • Support HbA1c onboard auto hemolysis
    • Dry bath with maintenance free
    • ISE optional b (Na, K, CL)
    • Support chemistry and immunology integration (SAL 6000)
  • CL-1200i
    CL-1200i Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer aims to fulfill the need of laboratories with small-to-medium daily test volumes, providing efficient design, robust performance and more importantly, reliable results....

  • CL-1200i is a benchtop immunoassay analyzer with throughput up to 180 tests/hour. Comparing with other analyzers in the same level, CL-1200i owns large capacity of 60 sample positions and 25 reagent positions. In addition, this instrument has a number of designs to guarantee long-time robust performance, such as sealed incubation area, probe enhanced washing and clot detection technologies. These designs allow reliable results for all Mindray’s 68 immunoassay assays. Furthermore, in order to improve the simplicity of operation, CL-1200i also provides an optional swing-arm and touch screen, this convenient configuration perfectly matches the common software design, reducing the working hour and training workload.

  • CL-6000i
    CL-6000i Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer is an outstanding roof-top immunoassay analyzer with industrial-leading throughput as 480t/h, a perfect choice for laboratories with large daily test volume....

  • CL-6000i is equipped with large capacity of 36 reagent positions and 300 samples by batch and continuous loading driven by the innovative sample delivery module. CL-6000i can also connect to another CL-6000i or a 2000t/h chemistry analyzer into integrated workcell, which can significantly increase efficiency with less manpower. Thus CL-6000i can perfectly meet large laboratories needs of efficient, fast and reliability.

  • CAL 6000
    Mindray CAL 6000 defines a new generation of cellular analysis line, which supports flexible configurations with 1-2 units of BC-6000/BC-6200 and 1 unit of SC-120, the throughput of CAL6000 is up to 220 blood test per hour and 120 slides per hour....

    • The sample results trigger the criteria, the autoloader of each hematology analyzer will return the sample racks for automatic rerun or reflex check.
    • The bidirectional loading track, with patent technology, on the first hematology analyzer enables fast sample distribution, improving effciency and productivity.
    • The tube racks could be customized based on different colors to differentiate specific testing modes, such as “CBC”, “CD” and “CR” test mode. 
    • CMU optimizes the distribution of workload between each BC-6000/6200 unit and decides which sample requires a blood smear. It displays the status of each instrument on CAL6000 as well as the volume of balance reagent.
    • The labXper t software is a standard configuration of CAL 6000 for professional data analysis. I t can automatically perform sample validation & analysis based on predefined rules.
    • The CAL 6000 210 is equipped with 3 loading platforms and 3 unloading platforms with large capacities.
  • CAL 8000
    CAL 8000 is Mindray’s flagship cellular analysis automation system, which can integrate hematology analyzer, slide maker & stainer, CRP analyzer and HbA1c analyzer. It is flexible in configurations and can combine different testing modules depending on customer needs....

  • CAL 8000 is the most powerful hematology testing station for large labs. One single automation line is capable to processing up to 800 CBC+DIFF t/h and 240 slides/h. Maximumly it combines 4 single units hematology analyzer BC-6800Plus and 2 slide maker SC-120. The stock yard can hold up to 300 sample tubes at a time, greatly improving the effciency of CAL 8000.

    With the newly designed optics and reagent systems, the SF Cube technology can help doctors to better differentiate the clusters of cells, which is key to revealing more abnormal cells. To bring more clinical value to our customers. BC-6800Plus provides NRBC result in every CBC without extra reagents or cost. To improve the accuracy of abnormal platelet detection, the patented multiple sampling method (PLT 8X) is used to analyze samples with low PLT value.

    BC-6800Plus or SC-120 installed on CAL 8000 as well as the volume of balance reagent. This intuitive software can tell the users all necessary information of CAL 8000 at any given time. Consequently, the users will spend less time operating CAL 8000 and arrange their working schedule better.