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Category: Equipment Manufacturer (Chemistry Systems)

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Abbott (Latam) MR28
Abbott (Rapid Diagnostics Division) MR21
Abbott (Toxicology) LATAM MR35
Abbott (Toxicology) US MR34
Abbott Diagnostics MR36
Abbott Diagnostics MR37
Abbott Diagnostics 2201 Upgraded FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Abbott Diagnostics MR17
Abbott Point Of Care 2221
Agappe Diagnostics Switzerland GmbH 4200
Agilent Technologies, Inc. 2839 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Analyticon Biotechnologies GmbH 1078 FacebookLinkedIn
ARKRAY, Inc. 2547 Upgraded
Awareness Technology, Inc. 3055 Facebook
Beckman Coulter, Inc. MR22
Beckman Coulter, Inc. 3201
BIT Group 821 Upgraded TwitterLinkedIn
Block Scientific 2627 FacebookTwitter
Carolina Liquid Chemistries 3514 Upgraded FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
DiaSys Diagnostic Systems GmbH 4001 LinkedIn
Diatron MI Zrt 3531 FacebookLinkedIn
Diazyme Laboratories, Inc. 3231 LinkedIn
Dirui Industrial Co., LTD 1615 Upgraded FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
DRG International, Inc. 2051 Upgraded
EKF Diagnostics Inc. 2952
ELITechGroup 3113 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Emerson 849 Upgraded
ERBA Mannheim 827
High Technology, Inc. 766 Upgraded FacebookLinkedIn
HORIBA Medical 1323
HUMAN Gesellschaft fuer Biochemica und Diagnostica mbH 965 Facebook
IDEX Health & Science 2459 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
IDG Sanzay Corp 1583
Immunalysis 2453
Infinity Leasing Finance Group 4115 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Medica Corporation 850 Upgraded
MedicalSystem Biotechnology, CO. Ltd 2359 LinkedIn
MedTest Dx 1567 Upgraded LinkedIn
Micropoint Bioscience, Inc. 3169
MK Fluidic Systems 4131
Northwest Biomedical, Inc. 3368
Nova Biomedical 3039
Ortho Clinical Diagnostics 2901
OYC Americas, Inc. 961
Randox Laboratories 1101 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Roche Diagnostics MR15 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Roche Diagnostics MR8
Roche Diagnostics MR24
Roche Diagnostics 1013 Upgraded
Roche Diagnostics MR9 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Sebia 2100 Upgraded TwitterLinkedIn
Sekisui Diagnostics LLC 2523 Upgraded FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
SelectScience 724 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Shanghai Fosun Long March Medical Science Co. Ltd. 2175
Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. 1911 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Siemens Healthineers MR19 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Siemens Healthineers MR26 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Siemens Healthineers 1039 Upgraded FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Siemens Healthineers MR39 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Skyla Corporation 2059
Snibe 1317
Sparx Engineering 3388 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
STRATEC SE 3527 LinkedIn
Sunostik Medical Technology Co., Ltd. 4431
Teco Diagnostics 900 Upgraded
Thermo Fisher Scientific MR5
Thermo Fisher Scientific MR6
Thermo Fisher Scientific MR7
Thermo Fisher Scientific 2110 Upgraded
Tianjin MNCHIP Technologies Co., Ltd. 673 Twitter
URIT Medical Electronic Co., Ltd. 1383
Volpi Group 1390 LinkedIn
Wiener lab. 1465 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Zaxis, Inc. 2976 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Zybio Inc. 554