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Category: Diagnostic Testing (Allergy Testing)

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AACC 4353
Absolute Antibody, Ltd. 4244
Addcare Biotech Co., Ltd. 2154 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
AESKU.GROUP GmbH 739 Upgraded
ArkAb 4403 TwitterLinkedIn
Arlington Scientific Inc. 2805
ARUP Laboratories 2428 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
axiVEND 1496 Upgraded TwitterLinkedIn
Axxin 4350
BBI Solutions 4254 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
BioDot, Inc. 3157 Upgraded TwitterLinkedIn
BioVendor Group 2963 LinkedIn
BIT Group 821 Upgraded TwitterLinkedIn
BUHLMANN Diagnostics Corp 4029 Upgraded TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
CDG Biotech Corporation 1527 TwitterFacebook
Central BioHub GmbH 1070 FacebookLinkedIn
DiagnostikNet-BB e.V. 1068
DiagnostikNet-BB e.V. 1054 Twitter
Dr. Fooke Laboratorien GmbH 2278
DRG International, Inc. 2051 Upgraded
Dynex Technologies Inc. 1561 Upgraded LinkedIn
Enzo Life Sciences 2654 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
EUROIMMUN US 2914 LinkedIn
HUMAN Gesellschaft fuer Biochemica und Diagnostica mbH 965 Facebook
Hycor Biomedical 561 Upgraded
I.W. Tremont 1970 FacebookLinkedIn
IBL-America 3664 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Icosagen Cell Factory 4400 Upgraded
Immundiagnostik AG 1610 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
ImmunoChemistry Technologies 3185 Upgraded TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Immunology Consultants Laboratory, Inc. 3568
in.vent Diagnostica GmbH 1052
LPS Industries, LLC 3271
Lumos Diagnostics 3168
MagArray, Inc. 4045
Mayo Clinic Laboratories 1919 Upgraded TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Minaris Medical America, Inc. 3163 FacebookLinkedIn
monocent 2926 Upgraded TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
MyCartis 4317 LinkedIn
Neogen Corporation 3050
Nittobo Medical Co., Ltd. 4114
Proteometech Inc. 3581
Puritan Medical Products 3615 Upgraded TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
QuantiScientifics LLC 1690 TwitterLinkedIn
Quest Diagnostics 1632 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Quest for Steps Help Desk 1632a TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
RayBiotech Inc. 3574 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
R-Biopharm AG 3251 Upgraded
SCIENION US, Inc. 1579 TwitterLinkedIn
Shenzhen YHLO Biotech Co., Ltd 3813
Siemens Healthineers MR19 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Siemens Healthineers MR26 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Siemens Healthineers 1039 Upgraded TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Siemens Healthineers MR39 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Surmodics IVD 2119
SYnAbs 2040 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Syntron Bioresearch, Inc. 3357
Thermo Fisher Scientific MR5
Thermo Fisher Scientific MR6
Thermo Fisher Scientific MR7
Thermo Fisher Scientific 2110 Upgraded
Tosoh Bioscience 2501
TriCore Reference Laboratories 2290 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Trina Bioreactives AG 2144
Zaxis, Inc. 2976 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
ZenTech SA 1949
Zhengzhou Humanwell BIOCELL Biotech Co,.Ltd 2342 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn