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Abbott (Latam) MR28
Abbott (Rapid Diagnostics Division) MR21
Abbott (Toxicology) LATAM MR35
Abbott (Toxicology) US MR34
Abbott Diagnostics MR36
Abbott Diagnostics MR37
Abbott Diagnostics 2201 Upgraded TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Abbott Point Of Care 2221
Addcare Biotech Co., Ltd. 2154 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Agappe Diagnostics Switzerland GmbH 4200
Amano Enzyme USA 4166
Analyticon Biotechnologies AG 1078 FacebookLinkedIn
Ansh Labs, LLC 2922
Anteo Technologies Pty Ltd. 4228
Applied Biomedical LLC 4264
Athens Research & Technology 4230
Awareness Technology, Inc. 3055 Facebook
B&E Diagnostics inc. 3065 Facebook
Beckman Coulter, Inc. MR22
Beckman Coulter, Inc. 3201
Binding Site, Inc. 1927 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
BioActs 4416
BIOCLIN-QUIBASA 3915 FacebookLinkedIn
Biomatrica, Inc. 1589 Upgraded
Biopharma Technology LLC 4447 LinkedIn
BioResource Technology, Inc. (US) 1942
BIOSYNTH International 768 Upgraded FacebookLinkedIn
Bio-Techne 2550 Upgraded
Block Scientific 2627 TwitterFacebook
Broad (Shanghai) Exhibition Business Co., Ltd. 973
BUHLMANN Diagnostics Corp 4029 Upgraded TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Capricorn Products LLC 1938
Caretium Medical Instruments Co, Ltd 2191
Carolina Liquid Chemistries 3514 Upgraded TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Cloud-Clone Corp. 2389 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
CLSI 1918 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Conductive Technologies, Inc. 3265 LinkedIn
Currier Plastics, Inc. 2087 Upgraded
DAAN Gene Co., Ltd. of Sun Yat-sen University 3674
DCN Diagnostics, Inc. 4245
Dexter Magnetic Technologies 557 LinkedIn
DFI Co., Ltd. 4155
DIAGAM S.A. 2048
DiaSys Diagnostic Systems GmbH 4001 LinkedIn
Diatron MI Zrt 3531 FacebookLinkedIn
Dirui Industrial Co., LTD 1615 Upgraded TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
DRG International, Inc. 2051 Upgraded
EKF Diagnostics Inc. 2952
E-LAB Biological Science & Technology Co., LTD 1987 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
ELITech Group 3113 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
ERBA Mannheim 827
Fapon Biotech Inc. 1085 Upgraded LinkedIn
FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA, Inc. 889
Fujirebio 1339
Genrui Biotech Inc. 761 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Gold Standard Diagnostics 3275
HTI Medical 766 Upgraded FacebookLinkedIn
HUMAN Gesellschaft fuer Biochemica und Diagnostica mbH 965 Facebook
IBL-America 3664
IDG Sanzay Corp 1583
Immunalysis 2453
Immundiagnostik AG 1610 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
ImmunoChemistry Technologies 3185 Upgraded TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
IMRA America Inc. 4149
IVD Technologies 1477
JSR Life Sciences 2844
Kamiya Biomedical Company 2739
Kementec Solutions A/S 3216 LinkedIn
Kinbio Tech. Co., Ltd 4211
Kova International, Inc. 2670
LABTEST DIAGNÓSTICA S.A. 3915 FacebookLinkedIn
Linear Chemicals, S.L.U. 2424
Linkobio Biological Inc. 1961
LPS Industries, LLC 3271
Lumigenex 3269
Lumos Diagnostics 3168
Maccura Biotechnology 661 FacebookLinkedIn
Maine Standards Company (LGC Maine Standards) 2265 Upgraded LinkedIn
Medica Corporation 850 Upgraded
Medical Distribution Group 633 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
MedicalSystem Biotechnology, CO. Ltd 2359 LinkedIn
MedTest Dx 1567 Upgraded LinkedIn
Michigan Diagnostics, LLC 2555
microfluidic ChipShop GmbH 1588 TwitterLinkedIn
MIP Diagnostics Limited 2488 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
MP Biomedicals 1004 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
MP Biomedicals, LLC 4404 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
nanoComposix 3281 Upgraded
Neogen Corporation 3050
Ningbo Purebio Biotechnology Co., Ltd. 969
Nittobo America Inc. 2143
Nittobo Medical Co., Ltd. 4114
numares GROUP Corporation 2586 Upgraded
ORGENTEC - Corgenix 1461
ORGENTEC – Corgenix MR3
Owen Mumford 2838
OYC Americas, Inc. 961
Pacific Integrated Mfg Inc 1954
PolyMicrospheres 2631
Precision for Medicine 4231 LinkedIn
Proliant Biologicals 1928 Upgraded FacebookLinkedIn
Promega Corporation MR30 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Promega Corporation 1511 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Qingdao Hightop Biotech Co., Ltd. 3814
Quantimetrix Corporation 1510 Upgraded LinkedIn
Quidel Corporation MR2
Quidel Corporation MR11
Quidel Corporation 2971
Randox Laboratories 1101 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Rayto Life & Analytical Sciences Co, Ltd 4145
Roche Diagnostics MR15 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Roche Diagnostics MR8
Roche Diagnostics MR24
Roche Diagnostics 1013 Upgraded
Roche Diagnostics MR9 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
SA Scientific LTD 783
Saladax Biomedical 705
Sekisui Diagnostics LLC 2523 Upgraded TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
SelectScience 724 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
SeraCare Life Sciences, Inc. 846 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Shanghai Kehua Bioengineering Co., Ltd. 1285
Shanghai Fosun Long March Medical Science Co. Ltd. 2175
Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. 1911 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Siemens Healthineers MR19
Siemens Healthineers MR26
Siemens Healthineers 1039 Upgraded TwitterFacebook
Siemens Healthineers MR39
Sinnowa Medical Science & Technology Co., Ltd. 2182 LinkedIn
Skyla Corporation 2059
SMC Biosolutions 1391
Snibe 1317
Sparx Engineering 3388 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Sun Diagnostics, LLC 3809 Upgraded
Sunostik Medical Technology Co., Ltd. 4431
Surmodics IVD 2119
Taigen Bioscience Corporation 864 Upgraded
Taiwan Advanced Nanotech Inc. 667 FacebookLinkedIn
Teco Diagnostics 900 Upgraded
Thermo Fisher Scientific MR5
Thermo Fisher Scientific MR6
Thermo Fisher Scientific MR7
Thermo Fisher Scientific 2110 Upgraded
Tianjin MNCHIP Technologies Co., Ltd. 673 Twitter
Trina Bioreactives AG 2144
Trinity Biotech 2163
Wiener Laboratorios SAIC 1465 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Zhejiang Hong Chuang Qianfu Medical Devices Co., Ltd. 2681
Zybio Inc. 554